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Health News for Pregnancy

HealthDay News: Pregnancy

Big Increase Seen in Babies Born Addicted to Narcotics

There was a 15-fold increase in the number of newborns experiencing opioid withdrawal in the Canadian province of Ontario between 1992 and 2011, researchers report.
Preterm Delivery Linked to Heart Disease, Stroke Risk in Mothers

Women who have a preterm baby may face an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, a preliminary study suggests.
Overly Controlling Moms Lose Out, Study Says

Helicopter parents, take note: A mother has a better relationship with her child if she respects the youngster's need for independence at a young age, a new study suggests.
Exclusive Breast-Feeding May Ease Transition to Solid Food

Breast-feeding helps prepare babies to eat solid food by creating a healthy population of bacteria in the digestive tract, a small study says.
Sexual Pain Common After Childbirth, Study Finds

Sexual pain is common after childbirth, a new study indicates.
Better Contraceptive Knowledge Can Aid in Safe Use of Acne Drug: Study

Researchers say giving birth control information to women visiting dermatology clinics can help promote the safe use of the drug isotretinoin, an acne medication known to cause birth defects.
Modern Birth Control Methods Could Avoid 15 Million Unwanted Pregnancies: Report

If more women had access to modern birth control methods and used them correctly, there would be 15 million fewer unwanted pregnancies in low- and middle-income nations each year, a new study suggests.
Timing of Kidney Transplants Doesn't Affect Pregnancy Chances

Pregnancy outcomes are similar for women who received a kidney transplant whether they were a child or an adult when they got their transplant, a new study says.
Certain Genes in Babies May Up Preterm Birth Risk

Some babies' genes may increase their risk of preterm birth, a new study suggests.
Health Tip: Managing Swelling During Pregnancy

Thanks to increased blood and fluids in the body during pregnancy, swelling can be an uncomfortable problem.



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