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Health News for 01/12/11

January 12, 2011

Health Tip: Enjoying Tummy Time

Tummy time helps babies develop strong muscles, but your infant may be less than enthusiastic about the idea.
Health Tip: Chronic Cough Could Signal Lung Disease

If all types of lung disease were combined, it would be the third-largest killer in the United States, the U.S. National Women's Health Information Center says.
Matching Language, True Love?

The next time you have a first date, forget about chemistry and common interests.
Bottle Rockets Can Cause Serious Eye Injuries in Kids

Bottle rockets can cause serious eye injuries to children that can lead to permanent vision loss, a new study warns.
Infants Process Words Much Like Adults, Study Finds

Even though they can't talk yet, babies just over a year old understand many spoken words and use the same brain structures as adults to process them, according to a new study.
Your Dog May Be Smarter Than You Know

So you think your dog is smart? A Border collie named Chaser managed to learn the names of 1,022 objects over three years, say U.S. researchers.
Animal Study Finds Nerve Stimulation May Thwart Tinnitus

Research in rats suggests that "rebooting" the brain can help stop tinnitus, a condition characterized by persistent ringing or other noises in the ears.
How to Cope With Stomach Flu Symptoms

If you get the stomach flu (also known as viral gastroenteritis), there are a number of things you can do to cope with the illness, an expert suggests.
U.S. Recession Didn't Raise Rates of Child Neglect: Study

The recession did not have much impact on rates of child maltreatment in the United States, the results of a new study suggest.
High Level of 'Good' Cholesterol Alone May Not Protect Heart

High levels of HDL cholesterol -- the "good" kind -- have long been thought to help protect against heart disease. But new research finds that having high levels of HDL cholesterol may matter less than how well the good cholesterol functions -- that is, how well it works to rid the body of excess cholesterol.
Certain Painkillers Appear to Boost Odds for Heart Attack

Common painkillers taken to treat inflammation, such as Celebrex and Advil, can raise the risk of heart attack, stroke or death, a review of existing research suggests.
Report Alleges Money Motivated Doctor Behind Autism-Vaccine Scare

The disgraced doctor who published a study more than 10 years ago claiming that a common childhood vaccine -- the measles-mumps-rubella inoculation -- causes autism may have been motivated more by money than conviction, investigators say.
Taking Short Breaks From Sitting May Help Waistline and Heart

If you sit all day at an office and worry about its effect on your weight and health, take a few breaks.
CDC Report Finds 8% of Americans Have Asthma

Just over 8 percent of Americans have asthma, according to the latest estimates from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Antibiotics Can Ease Kids' Ear Infections, Studies Show

Amid the ongoing controversy over routine antibiotic use for children with acute ear infections, two new studies support the practice when stringent diagnostic criteria are met.
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Can Move Arms, Breathe On Her Own

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords continues to make progress, her doctors said Tuesday, breathing on her own and moving both arms just four days after an assassin's bullet struck her brain.
Clinical Trials Update: Jan. 12, 2011

Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of
Aging Population Could Send Cancer Costs Soaring

By 2020, the annual cost of cancer care in the United States is expected to reach at least $158 billion -- a 27 percent jump from 2010, according to a report from the U.S. National Cancer Institute.
Consumer Genetic Testing May Not Boost Users' Anxiety

People who have direct-to-consumer genetic testing don't experience any short-term increase in anxiety after receiving the results, whether they are positive or negative, researchers report.



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