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Health News

Health News for 01/19/11

January 19, 2011

Health Tip: Kick Up Your Feet

Varicose veins are swollen, bulging veins -- usually in the legs. They can make standing and other activities painful.
Health Tip: Getting a Stress Test

A stress test evaluates the way your heart works during exercise and while you're at rest.
New Clue to How Chinese Remedy Curbs Drinking

Taking kudzu root extract to curb drinking leads to an increase in blood ethanol levels, which might lessen the desire for more alcohol, researchers report.
Organs From High-Risk Donors Often Shunned, Study Finds

Many U.S. transplant surgeons unnecessarily shun organs from high-risk donors instead of trying to develop new safeguards that would protect and inform transplant recipients, a new study finds.
1 in 5 Cancer Survivors Suffers Chronic Pain, Study Finds

More than 40 percent of cancer survivors experience pain, and the risk is highest among black and female patients, finds a new study.
Daily Fruit, Veggies May Cut Risk of Heart Disease Death

Along with all the other well-known reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables, new research indicates that doing so may reduce your risk of dying from heart disease.
Nurses' Long Shifts May Put Hospital Patients at Risk: Study

Patients in hospitals where nurses work long hours are much more likely to die of pneumonia and heart attack, researchers have found.
Metal Tongue Piercings Linked to Raised Infection Risks

If you're considering tongue piercing as a form of self-expression, know that new research suggests that whether the stud used is metal or plastic makes a difference when it comes to chances of infection.
Stroke Risk May Be Higher in HIV Patients

Stroke rates have increased among people with HIV in recent years while declining in the U.S. population at large, new research shows, raising the possibility that treatments for the AIDS-causing virus may put these patients at higher risk for cardiovascular trouble.
Adult ADHD Often Precedes Certain Type of Dementia: Study

Adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have a more than threefold increased risk of developing a common form of degenerative dementia called dementia with lewy bodies (DLB), a new study says.
Gene Test Might Predict Colon Cancer's Return

A genetic test seems able to identify which people with stage II colon cancer face a higher risk of recurrence, German researchers report.
High Altitude Linked to Higher Suicide Risk -- Again

Across the United States, suicide risk appears to be significantly higher among people who live in higher altitudes, new research suggests.
Small Spreads of Breast Cancer May Not Affect Survival

For decades, doctors have debated about how to best determine whether a patient's breast cancer has spread, especially in the earliest cases of metastases.
Many U.S. Hospices Provide Alternative Therapies: Report

Nearly 42 percent of U.S. hospices offer some form of alternative medicine end-of-life care services -- such as massages or pet therapy -- to their patients and/or employ an alternative service provider, according to the latest data.
Bedbugs Reveal Their Genetic Secrets in Lab Study

Scientists studying the genetics of bedbugs believe they know how the critters become resistant to pesticides, and the finding could someday help drive them from homes, stores and offices across the United States.
Study Questions Safety of Pneumonia Treatment Guidelines

Intensive care patients who may be infected with strains of pneumonia that are resistant to many drugs may be more likely to die if current treatment guidelines are followed, a new study suggests.
Health Highlights: Jan. 19, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Clinical Trials Update: Jan. 19, 2011

Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of
Second Heart Attack Not Always Tied to Original Blockage

Twenty percent of heart attack patients stand a good chance of suffering a second attack over the following three years, an event that is nearly as likely to be caused by a new blockage as by the original one, a new study suggests.
Scientists Map Key Structure HIV Uses to Infect Cells

U.S. scientists say they've finished the first detailed description of the complete protein package within the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) thought to be essential to its ability to infect human cells.



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