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Health News for 02/09/11

February 09, 2011

Gestures May Help the Brain 'See'

Gesturing with your hands while talking can generate mental images that help solve complex problems related to spatial visualization, new research shows.
Health Tip: Why Am I Puffy?

Edema -- swelling that results from fluid build-up in your tissues -- is most common in the feet, ankles and legs. But it can occur anywhere in the body.
Health Tip: Teach Kids About Portion Control

Whopping portion sizes are a big reason for why people overeat. But if you teach your children about appropriate portion sizes, they may be more likely to stick to healthy portions into adulthood.
Too Little Sleep, Too Often, May Harm Your Heart

A lack of sleep apparently can increase your risk for stroke and heart attack.
Males' Drug-Related Suicide Attempts Vary by Month

The number of adolescent males treated in emergency rooms for drug-related suicide attempts swings sharply depending on what month it is, a U.S. government study shows.
Not All Birthmarks Harmless, Expert Says

About one in 10 infants develops a vascular birthmark at birth or soon after. Though typically harmless, some may need treatment because of location and growth patterns, a dermatologist suggests.
Warming Injections May Take Out the Sting

An injection of local anesthetic can be made much less painful if it is warmed beforehand, Canadian researchers report.
'Pathway' Leading to Health Declines of Aging Identified

The "core pathway" that causes declining health due to aging has apparently been identified by researchers.
Could Poor Memory Signal Raised Stroke Risk?

Poor memory and problems with other mental skills may be early signs of an increased risk for stroke, a new study suggests.
First Lady Says President Obama Has Quit Smoking

President Barack Obama has kicked the smoking habit for almost one full year, First Lady Michelle Obama told the press on Tuesday.
Can Diet Soda Boost Your Stroke Risk?

Diet soda fans who drink the beverages every day may be cutting down on calories, but they also might be boosting their risk of stroke, new research suggests.
Many Breakthrough Drugs Come From Publicly Funded Research: Study

A surprising number of valuable new drugs and vaccines approved in the United States have arisen wholly from research funded by the public sector, new research finds.
2 Experimental Drugs Show Promise for Rare Pancreatic Cancer

A pair of tumor-inhibiting drugs more than doubled the progression-free survival time for patients with a rare type of pancreatic cancer, according to two new studies.
Health Highlights: Feb. 9, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Clinical Trials Update: Feb. 9, 2011

Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of
Fetal Surgery Could Boost Outcomes in Severe Spina Bifida

Surgery to address the most serious form of the spinal cord birth defect known as spina bifida may be most effective if performed on the fetus, new -- and potentially groundbreaking -- research suggests.
First Look at Prostate Cancer Genome Yields Insights

Genetic sequencing of the entire prostate cancer cell genome revealed never-before-seen changes in DNA that may contribute to tumor growth, new research finds.
Wireless Device Can Cut Heart Failure-Related Hospitalizations

Researchers report that a wireless implanted device monitors fluid build-up in the lungs of heart failure patients and alerts doctors when intervention is needed.
Stroke Hospitalizations Up in Teens, Young Adults

Older Americans are suffering fewer strokes, but new government research shows that stroke hospitalizations are sharply rising among children and younger adults, especially for men under 35.



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