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Health News for 03/08/11

March 08, 2011

Health Tip: Don't Let Lost Pounds Return

Losing weight is a major accomplishment, but keeping it off can be just as challenging.
Health Tip: Stress May Cause Physical Symptoms

Significant stress can lead to health problems or exacerbate those you already have, the American Academy of Family Physicians says.
New Sweetness Detectors Found in Human Taste Cells

MONDAY, March 7 (HealthDay News) --Taste cells apparently host more sugar detectors than previously thought, including ones formerly thought to exist only in the pancreas and intestines, new research suggests.
Lab-Grown Urethra Used to Replace Damaged Tube

In a potential advance in the field of tissue engineering, researchers report that they've been able to repair injured urinary systems in boys by using bladder cells grown in a laboratory.
Acupuncture May Take Edge Off Menopause Symptoms

Acupuncture may help reduce the severity of hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause, according to a small study.
Genes May Affect Severity of Drug Addiction

Treatment for drug addiction is affected by a person's genetic makeup and the duration of substance abuse, U.S. scientists report.
Mass. Health Reform Hasn't Halted Medical Bankruptcies

The percentage of personal bankruptcies caused by medical bills or personal illness has changed only slightly since Massachusetts began requiring people to buy health insurance in 2006, a new study finds.
Brain's Learning Ability Seems to Recharge During Light Slumber

Your brain's ability to learn may get recharged during the light, dreamless slumber that accounts for up to half of your night's sleep, according to a new study.
'Good' Cholesterol May Cut Colon Cancer Risk

High levels of "good" cholesterol may reduce the risk of colon cancer, a new study suggests.
Sleep Deprivation May Encourage Risky Decisions

Sleep deprivation may lead to overly optimistic thinking that fails to properly consider the potential consequences of financial risks, a new study suggests.
Southeastern States Mired in the 'Diabetes Belt': CDC Report

People living in certain areas of the United States are more likely to develop diabetes, according to a new government analysis.
Mediterranean Diet Reduces Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

The Mediterranean diet, long known to be heart-healthy, also reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of risk factors that boost the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes, according to a new review.
Hospitals Urged to Check for Depression Before Discharging Heart Patients

People who've been hospitalized for heart problems appear to suffer less depression and anxiety in the weeks and months after discharge if they participate in a basic depression management program before leaving the hospital, a new study suggests.
Health Highlights: March 8, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Clinical Trials Update: March 8, 2011

Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of
Simply Watching a CPR Video Might Save Lives

A 60-second video showing what to do when someone's heart stops beating could help save lives, according to a new study that found those who viewed the demonstration were much more likely to take action than those who did not.
FDA Weighs Pros, Cons of Home Genetic Testing

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration began a two-day hearing Tuesday to weigh the risks and benefits of those increasingly popular direct-to-consumer genetic tests.
Major Drug Review Research Fails to Disclose Funding Sources

Meta-analyses of drug studies, which are major reviews of published research, hardly ever include conflict-of-interest information from the original studies, researchers report.
Report Spells Out Harms of Coal Power Plants

Coal-fired power plants emit a wide-range of unregulated pollutants that pose a threat to public health, warns a report released Tuesday by the American Lung Association.
Risk of Death May Linger for Trauma Survivors

People who've survived a trauma still face an increased risk of dying, even as long as three years after the initial injury, new research suggests.



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