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Health News

Health News for 03/21/11

March 21, 2011

Health Tip: Breast-Feeding When You Have Diabetes

Breast-feeding comes with its own set of challenges, but the task is a bit more daunting if you have diabetes.
Health Tip: Keep Toes Cool, Clean and Dry

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection, medically called tinea pedis. If the fungus takes hold between your toes, it can cause itchiness, cracking and peeling.
Moms' Use of 'the Pill' Won't Raise Kids' Asthma Risk: Study

A woman's use of birth control pills before pregnancy does not increase the risk of respiratory problems in her children, according to a new study.
Firstborn Kids Seem to Have More Food Allergies, Hay Fever

Firstborn children may be more likely to suffer from certain types of allergies, finds a new study.
Severe Eczema Linked to Lasting Milk, Egg Allergy in Kids

Children with more severe cases of the skin condition known as eczema are less likely than others to outgrow their milk or egg allergy, the results of a new study suggest.
Reported Pollen Counts May Be Inaccurate, Study Finds

People with hay fever need to know that Web site pollen forecasts may not be all that reliable, researchers say.
Outgrowing Milk Allergy May Take Some Babies Longer Than Expected

Children may not be outgrowing their allergy to milk as quickly as experts previously have believed.
Women Should See Ob-Gyn Annually, Experts Say

Women should have an annual ob-gyn exam whether they need a Pap test or not, says the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).
Study Ties Asthma to Higher Odds for Diabetes, Heart Disease

People with asthma may have a higher risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, according to a new study that looked at the relationship between asthma and four other inflammatory conditions.
Pressure to Look Young May Be Sending More Men to Plastic Surgeons

More American men seem to be lining up for facelifts, Botox injections, nose jobs and liposuction than ever before.
Newborn Screenings May Miss Hearing Loss in Some Kids

Newborn hearing screenings don't detect all children at risk for hearing loss, a new study finds.
Eye Surgery May Benefit Some Patients With Facial Paralysis

Surgery can improve eye comfort and quality of life for people with facial paralysis who can't completely close their eyes, according to a small, new study.
Scientists Create Autism-Like Traits in Mice

Scientists report that mutating a single gene produced mice with two of the most common autism traits, a finding they say could one day lead to the development of drugs to treat autism.
Chronic Pain Often Follows Car Crash: Study

People appear to be more likely to develop chronic pain after suffering injuries in a traffic crash than after other physically traumatic events, a new study suggests.
Keep Kids in Rear-Facing Car Seats Until 2, Experts Say

Children are best kept in rear-facing car seats until age two or until they have reached the height and weight maximums set by the car seat manufacturer, according to new recommendations from a pediatricians' group.
Allergy Drug May Speed Up Kids' Ability to Tolerate Milk

Kids who are allergic to milk may be able to quickly develop tolerance by coupling the allergy medication Xolair with a gradual increase in their exposure to milk, known as sensitization, a new study suggests.
Health Highlights: March 21, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Stem Cell Transplant May Help Aggressive MS: Study

Stem cell transplants may hold some hope for patients with rapidly progressing multiple sclerosis, the authors of a long-term study report.
Richer White Women More Prone to Melanoma, Study Finds

Affluent young white women -- who presumably have more opportunities for tanning -- are nearly six times as likely to develop the lethal skin cancer melanoma as their poorest counterparts, a new study indicates.
Severe Blood Clots Should be Treated Aggressively: Heart Docs

The American Heart Association is urging doctors to treat the worst cases of potentially life-threatening blood clots that form in the legs' deep veins more aggressively.
Could a Type of Ear Infection Help Make Kids Obese?

New research hints at a surprising culprit for excess weight gain in kids: a certain type of ear infection.
Clinical Trials Update: March 21, 2011

Here are the latest clinical trials, courtesy of



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