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Health News

Health News for 05/10/11

May 10, 2011

Health Tip: Medical Problems May Lead to Hyperactivity

Kids are typically little balls of endless energy. But for some, hyperactivity can signal an underlying health problem.
Health Tip: Help Control Crohn's Symptoms

People with Crohn's disease -- a type of inflammatory bowel -- are prone to being malnourished.
Fond Memories of the Past Make for a Happier Present

People who remember the past fondly are more likely to experience greater happiness in the present, according to a new study.
Too Few Teens Know the Dangers of Tanning Beds: Poll

Many tanning salons in the United States don't warn teens and young women about the skin cancer risks posed by tanning beds, according to a new survey.
Heart Failure, Weak Bones Often Go Together, Study Finds

Osteoporosis is often undiagnosed and untreated in elderly heart failure patients, a new study finds.
Vitamin D May Prevent Serious Respiratory Disease in Newborns

Vitamin D supplements for pregnant women may help prevent a respiratory disease called RSV that can lead to pneumonia and other potentially life-threatening illnesses in newborns, Dutch researchers report.
Research Suggests 1 in 7 Strokes Happens During Sleep

About 14 percent of strokes happen while people are sleeping, lowering the chance that they'll be able to get to the hospital in time for a potentially brain-saving treatment, a new study suggests.
Breast-Feeding May Help Quell Behavior Problems

Breast-fed children are less likely to have behavioral problems at age 5 than are those who were given formula, a new study reports.
Ring Finger Length Linked to ALS, Study Suggests

Having long ring fingers has been associated with a lethal nervous system disease known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), British researchers report.
A Capsule Camera Instead of a Colonoscopy?

A new technology that uses a remote-controlled capsule camera to scan the inside of the colon may one day be an alternative to colonoscopy, a new study suggests.
Shortage of Anesthetics Reported

Shortages of anesthetics are rampant across the United States, according to the results of a new survey.
Colonoscopy Better Than Alternative at Spotting Cancer in Seniors: Study

Colonoscopy is significantly better than the less expensive screening procedure called sigmoidoscopy at detecting colon cancer in older patients, a new study says.
Health Highlights: May 10, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Are Coffee Drinkers Less Prone to Aggressive Breast Cancer?

Women who drink a substantial amount of coffee each day may lower their risk for developing a particular type of breast cancer, Swedish researchers say.
Chronic Tylenol Use May Be Linked to Blood Cancer, Study Suggests

Those who take acetaminophen -- best known as Tylenol -- regularly for some time might be putting themselves at an increased risk for developing certain blood cancers, University of Washington researchers report.
Anemia Drug May Worsen Heart Attacks

People given a drug known as erythropoietin alfa after a heart attack may experience new heart problems and even greater cardiac damage from the attack, a new study finds.
Drug Therapy for Artery Disease Underused, Study Says

Fewer than 50 percent of people scheduled to have a stent placed in one of their coronary arteries for stable coronary artery disease received so-called optimal medical therapy -- drug therapy, such as statins -- before the procedure, according to new research.
Genetic Test Shows Promise in Guiding Breast Cancer Care

Scientists have developed a new, albeit preliminary, genetic test that seems to predict which breast cancer patients can benefit from specific types of chemotherapy.



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