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Health News for 07/06/11

July 06, 2011

Health Tip: Reduce Your Risk of Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis occurs when plaque -- a combination of fat, cholesterol and calcium deposits -- builds up inside arteries.
Health Tip: Does Your Baby Have GERD?

Adults, children and even infants can have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
Talking to Teens May Help Them Cut Back on Pot Smoking

Brief, voluntary and non-judgmental conversations with teens about marijuana use may significantly reduce their use of the drug, according to a new study.
A Deadly New Reason to Avoid Deer Ticks

Move over, Lyme disease: Another tick-borne illness is on the rise in various parts of the country, and this one can kill.
Patient Disparities Seen in Lung Cancer Drug Trials

Women, older people and minorities are under-represented in lung cancer drug trials in the United States, according to a new study.
Urban, Low-Income Kids More Likely to Walk or Bike to School

Children who live in low-income homes, with single-parents and in cities are more likely than other children to walk or cycle to school, according to a new study.
Men May Have Better 'Cocktail Party' Hearing

Men are better than women at determining the location of a sound in a noisy setting, a talent that may have developed through evolution, researchers say.
Prior Depression Can Leave People Sensitive to Life's Woes

People who experience serious adversity early in life and those who've had prior episodes of depression become more easily depressed than others when confronted with relatively minor misfortunes, researchers say.
Study Questions Chiropractic's Impact on Back Pain

For the millions of Americans with chronic low back pain, a silver bullet to alleviate the condition has yet to be identified, a new study suggests.
Satisfaction With Life Seems Good for the Heart

Being satisfied with your life can be good for your heart.
U.S. Database of Breast Cancer Treatment May Be Inaccurate

An estimated 20 percent of breast cancer patients in the United States who receive radiation after they undergo breast-conserving surgery may not have their radiation treatments recorded in a federal database, a new study suggests.
New Combo Therapy May Prevent TB, Save Lives in People With HIV

Simpler and shorter treatment with antibiotic drugs could help prevent full-blown tuberculosis in millions of people worldwide infected with the bacterium that causes TB, especially those also infected with HIV, researchers report.
Cuddling May Be Key to Long-Term Happy Relationship

Cuddling and caressing help boost satisfaction in long-term relationships, according to a new study of middle-aged and older couples.
Binge Eating May Be a High All Its Own

The next time you indulge in a juicy steak or a hot fudge sundae, consider this: The high you get from eating all that fat may be related to the one you might feel if you smoked marijuana.
Study Finds Heart Failure Drug Ineffective

The heart failure drug Natrecor (nesiritide) is ineffective and linked to increased rates of potentially dangerous low blood pressure, a new study finds.
Breast-Feeding May Not Protect Moms Against MS Relapse

Hopes that breast-feeding can reduce flare-ups of multiple sclerosis have been dimmed by recent research in Italy.
Long Commutes for Pilots May Hamper Flying Performance: Study

Airline pilots who have long commutes to work may suffer from debilitating fatigue that could hamper their flying performance, a new report suggests.
Fewer U.S. Teens Having Babies, Binge Drinking: Report

A new government report on the health and well-being of America's children brings forth some good news: Fewer teens are having babies or engaging in binge drinking, preterm birth rates are dropping and deaths from injury are declining.



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