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Health News

Health News for 08/01/11

August 01, 2011

Health Tip: Don't Let Menopause Get You Down

Menopause is a behavioral roller coaster for some women, who experience a host of emotions including mood swings, fear, depression and irritability.
Health Tip: Dine Out the Healthy Way

Decadent dishes and hefty portion sizes can be tempting at a restaurant, but you can enjoy your meal without derailing a healthy diet.
Colon Cleansing Has No Health Benefit, May Harm: Report

Despite the popularity of colon cleansing, there's no evidence that the procedure -- which can be done at home or in day spas -- offers any health benefits, a new study finds.
Lymph Node Test Doesn't Improve Breast Cancer Care, Study Finds

A special staining process that often accompanies a lymph node-sparing test is not associated with longer survival times for women with early-stage breast cancer treated with breast-conserving surgery, a large, new study suggests.
More Families Turning to Public Plans for Children's Health Care

A growing number of American families are using public health insurance to provide coverage for their children, a new study finds.
With Junk Food Stores Nearby, Teens May Eat More of It

Teens are much more likely to eat junk food if they live in or go to school in neighborhoods with many fast food restaurants and other sources of unhealthy foods, a new study finds.
Prenatal Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplements May Cut Babies' Colds

When women take a supplement of the omega 3 fatty acid DHA during pregnancy, their babies have fewer cold symptoms and shorter illnesses, new research indicates.
Childhood Depression, Anxiety Tied to Pain in Adulthood

Children who experience abuse or other adversities and develop mental health disorders are at increased risk for chronic physical problems when they're adults, according to a new study.
'Meth' Abuse Ups Risk of HIV Infection in Young Gay Men

Methamphetamine abuse by young adult gay and bisexual males raises their risk of HIV exposure and infection, a new study finds.
For Many, Risks of Lung Biopsy May Outweigh Benefits: Study

For many patients, biopsies of lung nodules found during CT scans may be unnecessary and even dangerous, a new study finds.
New Guidelines for Spotting, Treating COPD Released

Four of the world's leading pulmonary associations have issued new guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, one of the world's leading killers.
Even a Little Exercise Helps the Heart, Study Finds

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Go for a walk after dinner. Play tag with your kids at the park.
Fetal Exposure to Magnetic Fields From Appliances, Power Lines May Up Kids' Asthma Risk

A new study suggests that the children of mothers exposed to high levels of magnetic fields during pregnancy are at increased risk of developing asthma, findings that are sure to reignite the controversy over the health dangers that might be posed by exposure to power lines and electronics.
Health Highlights: Aug. 1, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
HHS: Insurers Must Pay for Birth Control for Women

Beginning Aug. 1, 2012, women in the United States will have their birth control covered by insurance companies, free of co-pays, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday.
Smoking, Diabetes, Obesity May Shrink Your Brain

As if there weren't already enough good reasons to avoid smoking and keep your weight, blood sugar levels and blood pressure all under control, a new study suggests these risk factors in middle age may cause your brain to shrink, leading to mental declines up to a decade later.
When Teens Abuse Prescriptions, Addiction Often Follows

More than one in five teens who have been prescribed a controlled medication such as Oxycontin for pain or Ritalin to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are misusing the drugs, a new study has found.
Study Tracks Masturbation Trends Among U.S. Teens

A new nationwide look at data on masturbation among U.S. adolescents finds that boys do it much more often than girls, and they also tend to start earlier.



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