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Health News for 11/10/11

November 10, 2011

Health Tip: Focus on Preconception Health

Taking steps to better your health before you or your partner becomes pregnant can help ensure a healthier pregnancy.
Health Tip: Is the Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine for You?

The annual seasonal flu vaccine is available as a shot and a nasal spray, but the nasal spray isn't recommended for everyone.
Black Children Less Likely to Get Kidney Transplant Before Dialysis

Minority children are less likely than white children to get a kidney transplant before their kidney disease gets so bad they need dialysis, U.S. researchers find.
Cave Art Accurately Depicted Horses of Different Colors

All the color variations seen in prehistoric cave paintings of horses actually existed in pre-domestic horse populations, which indicates that the ancient human artists accurately depicted their natural environment, according to a new study.
Cooking Class Benefits Kids in Many Ways

A program that helps elementary school students develop cooking skills while learning subjects such as geography, math, science and cultural studies may be one way to fight the growing problem of childhood obesity in the United States.
Fatherhood May Help Tough Guys Straighten Out

Men are less likely to drink, use tobacco or commit crimes after they become fathers, according to a long-term study.
Heavy Meth Use Linked to Schizophrenia

Heavy methamphetamine use may increase the risk of developing schizophrenia, according to a new study.
Watch Scary Movie, Sell Your Stocks?

Watching a scary movie can frighten you into selling your stocks too soon, a new study suggests.
'Mini-Strokes' Linked to Earlier Deaths

People who have a "mini-stroke" are 20 percent more likely to be dead within nine years than people in the general population, a new study finds.
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Fall as Population Ages

An aging population in the United States and other developed countries may eventually lead to reduced emissions of the greenhouse gas known as carbon dioxide (CO2), according to a German scientist.
Brain Study Suggests Some Vegetative Patients Are Aware

An EEG, which measures brain activity, appears to be able to detect awareness in some patients thought to be in a permanent vegetative state, a new Canadian study finds.
Stem-Cell Transplants Restored Pituitary Function in Mice

A new study by Japanese researchers gives hope that one day people with pituitary gland failure may be able to receive transplants of stem-cell generated tissue to help restore normal function of the gland.
ADHD Brain Changes Appear to Persist Into Adulthood

Adults who were diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as children have less gray matter in certain areas of their brains as adults than people who didn't have ADHD in their youth, researchers say.
Classic Restless Legs Syndrome Not Linked to Parkinson's

People with early Parkinson's disease are not more likely to have restless legs syndrome, but many people with Parkinson's do report leg motor restlessness, according to the results of a new Norwegian study.
Drugs Slipped Into Drinks Sending Many to ER: Report

In 2009, nearly 15,000 American women and men ended up in an emergency room after being unwittingly, but intentionally, drugged by someone else, a new federal report reveals.
Health Highlights: Nov. 10, 2011

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:



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