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Health News

Health News for 03/05/12

March 05, 2012

Health Tip: Dealing With Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is more than just uncomfortable. A lack of saliva to moisten your mouth also can lead to tooth damage, the American Dental Association warns.
Health Tip: At Risk for Muscle Cramps

A muscle cramp occurs when a contracted muscle can't relax, causing pain and tightness.
BPA Exposure May Raise Risk of Heart Disease

Exposure to bisphenol A (BPA), a controversial chemical commonly used to make plastics, increases a person's risk of developing heart disease later in life, a new study suggests.
Many Asthmatics Do Well on Food-Allergy Tests, Study Finds

People with asthma fare better on a type of food-allergy test called a "food challenge" than non-asthmatics, new research suggests.
Smoke Exposure Late in Pregnancy Might Boost Baby's Eczema Risk

A mother's exposure to tobacco smoke during the last three months of pregnancy may increase the risk that her child will develop the allergic skin condition eczema during infancy, a new study suggests.
Many Pilots, Truck Drivers Sleep-Deprived, Survey Finds

One in 10 American truck drivers, train conductors, airline pilots and other transportation workers may be dangerously sleep-deprived, a new survey suggests.
Heart Failure Patients Urged to Discuss Care With Docs

Patients suffering from advanced heart failure should maintain an open dialogue with their physicians, so everyone is on the same page with patients' long-range personal wishes regarding treatment, experts say.
Whole-Body CT Scans Can Miss Traumatic Injuries: Study

Whole-body CT scans can confirm immediately whether severe trauma patients have certain injuries, but these tests could miss other serious problems if performed too early, a new study indicates.
Heavy Kids May Not Respond as Well to Asthma Meds

Overweight children may not respond as well to common asthma medicines known as inhaled corticosteroids, new research finds.
Mouse Study Suggests Vitamin E May Weaken Bones

Vitamin E may stimulate cells that result in bone loss, a new study suggests.
Vitamin D May Cut Stress Fracture Risk in Girls

Preteen and teenage girls whose diets are rich in vitamin D may be at lower risk for stress fractures, particularly if they are involved in high-impact activities, according to a new study.
Depression Could Worsen Mental Decline in Heart Patients

Older people with heart disease who have undergone a cardiac catheterization may be at much greater risk for mental decline if they also show persistent signs of depression, according to a new study.
Drinking Scenes in Movies May Spur Teens to Do the Same

The more adolescents watch movie stars sidle up to the bar on the big screen, the more alcohol they drink themselves, a new study suggests.
Snoring Tots May Develop Behavioral Issues Later

Infants and toddlers who snore or have other breathing issues while sleeping are more likely to develop behavioral problems by the age of 7, new research suggests.
Children With Asthma at Higher Risk for Shingles: Study

Children with asthma have a higher risk for developing shingles -- a painful skin rash -- following infection with the herpes zoster virus, new research reveals.
Late Preemie Birth May Be Linked to Higher Asthma Risk

Babies born just a few weeks early appear to face a greater risk of developing asthma when compared with children born at full term, new research reveals.
Youngest Kids in Class More Apt to Get ADHD Diagnosis: Study

A new Canadian study provides more evidence that too many young kids may be diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, simply because they're younger than their peers in the same classrooms.
Health Highlights: March 5, 2012

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Severe PMS May Last Longer Than Thought

For years, women with the severe form of premenstrual syndrome known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) were told that their symptoms should subside the day menstruation begins.
Moms' Antidepressants May Affect Babies' Head Size: Study

Pregnant women taking certain antidepressants may be more likely to deliver infants with reduced head growth, a new study suggests.
New Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines Focus on Individual Risk

New guidelines for colorectal cancer screening from the American College of Physicians (ACP) put the emphasis on individual risk.
Kids' Concussion Symptoms Can Last a Year, Study Says

Some children who suffer a concussion will display continued difficulties, such as attention and memory problems, for many months, a new study finds.



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