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Health News

Health News for 05/07/12

May 07, 2012

Health Tip: Work on Good Posture

If you have lower back pain, sitting at an office desk all day can aggravate your symptoms.
Health Tip: When Baby Has a Fever

When a baby has a fever, parents may be unsure if this warrants a call to the pediatrician.
For Healthier Eating, Keep Fruits, Veggies Within Reach

College students are more likely to snack on fresh fruits and vegetables when these healthy options are placed where they can easily reach them, a new study suggests.
Study: More Pre-Teens Get Vaccines When Middle Schools Require Them

Pre-teens living in states that require vaccinations for incoming middle school students are more likely to be immunized than those in states without such requirements, a new study finds.
Using Earplugs Eases ICU Patients' Confusion: Study

Giving earplugs to patients in the intensive care unit can improve their sleep, reduce their confusion and delay the onset of delirium, according to a new study.
Exercise Can Help Fight Heart Failure

Exercise can slow muscle wasting, boost strength and reduce inflammation caused by aging and heart failure, a new study confirms.
In Mom's Eyes, Overweight Toddler May Not Be

A new study suggests that many mothers of overweight toddlers misjudge their child's weight and that could lead to overfeeding, researchers say.
Research May Point to New Obesity Treatments

Scientists who found a way to make white fat behave more like brown fat say their discovery could lead to new obesity treatments.
Depression in Mid-Life Linked to Higher Odds for Later Dementia

People who suffer depression when they're middle-aged or elderly may also have an higher risk of dementia later, a new study suggests.
Birth Defect Rates Vary Depending on Fertility Treatment: Study

Birth defects are more common after certain infertility treatments, but whether the cause is the assisted reproduction techniques themselves or the underlying biology preventing conception isn't clear, Australian researchers say.
Zinc Pills May Shorten Colds, Analysis Suggests

Those suffering from the common cold will try almost anything to relieve their symptoms, but a cure has yet to be found.
Living Near Major Roads May Shorten Heart Attack Survival

A new study finds that heart attack survivors who live close to major roads are at increased risk for death from all causes during a 10-year span.
Lots of TV May Harm Kids' Diet

Kids who spend lots of time in front of the TV have poorer diets overall, a new study of U.S. middle school students finds.
Having a 'Purpose in Life' May Help Shield You From Dementia

If you're looking for a way to keep dementia at bay, a new study suggests you can do so by developing a firm purpose in life.
People Love Talking About Themselves, Brain Scans Show

Got something to report about yourself? An opinion, perhaps, or a status update? Nobody may care except you, but new brain research suggests you can make yourself feel good simply by sharing.
Health Highlights: May 7, 2012

Here are some of the latest health and medical news developments, compiled by the editors of HealthDay:
Aim Skin Cancer Warnings at the Young, Too, Experts Say

Doctors should take the time to counsel children, teens and young adults on the dangers of sun exposure and tanning beds, according to new recommendations from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.
Kids Most Likely to Start Abusing Painkillers at 16: Study

Among U.S. adolescents, misuse of prescription painkillers peaks at age 16, earlier than thought, a new large survey analysis reveals.
U.S. Obesity Rate Set to Soar, Costing Billions: CDC

Even if the skyrocketing rates of obesity level off, 42 percent of Americans will be obese and 11 percent will be severely obese by the year 2030, a new report predicts.



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