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Careers at Crouse


Do you know how others can tell you love your job? Your family, friends, co-workers and patients…they see it in your smile and sense it when you spend time together. That’s because when you enjoy your job, it makes all aspects of your life that much better. When you love your job, it shows.

We offer:

✓ Competitive pay scale
✓ Welcome aboard package for new RN grads
✓ Comprehensive low-cost insurances
✓ Flexible scheduling
✓ Opportunities to enhance clinical growth and advancement
✓ Tuition reimbursement


Crouse Health is actively seeking qualified RNs to join our diverse and inclusive organization. Attend our Open House for Registered and Graduate Nurses on Tuesday, March 27, from 2-6 p.m., in the Crouse Hospital Small Cafeteria. Click here to learn more.

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