Crouse Germinators

Meet the Crouse Germinators: Cauti, MRSA, HAC No, C-Diff and TGITB (That Guy In The Background)!

You may also know them by their real names (l-r): Dave Martin, RN, Infection Control; Todd Olrich, CNS; Waleed Javaid, MD, Infection Control Medical Director; Mickey Lebowitz, MD, Senior Medical Quality Director; and Dennis Brown, MD, Senior Surgical Quality Director.

This edgy-looking fivesome has produced a ‘homemade’ video that uses music and humor to convey a very important message: Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs) are deadly serious – and Crouse Hospital is deadly serious about reducing and eliminating them.

But that’s nothing new. Crouse has always been on the forefront of quality and patient safety. After all, the first part of our mission states that we strive to provide the ‘best in patient care.’ The growing national emphasis on improving clinical care and patient safety – and doing it more efficiently and cost effectively – supports what has been an ongoing focus for Crouse.

It’s estimated that HACs, such as infections, blood clots and falls, affect more than 2 million patients a year in the U.S. – with more than 100,000 patient deaths as a result. Not acceptable.

As we’ve been focusing on over the past year, two of our five strategic priorities have been to improve the customer experience and lower overall costs through a number of initiatives, including reducing readmissions and hospital-acquired complications.

As healthcare reform continues to take shape – and we move from the traditional ‘fee-for-service’ model of care delivery to a value-based system where hospitals will be penalized for readmissions and HACs – it is critically important that we continue our work to maintain a high level of quality care and patient safety.

Through the efforts of many throughout our organization we’ve seen a steady decline in urinary tract infections, central line-associated blood stream infections, surgical site infections and overall length of stay. We are aggressively tackling the reduction of C-Diff, MRSA and other hospital-associated infections.

As lead Germinator Mickey Lebowitz, MD, says: “This is not just a fun video. It’s a serious message we’re trying to convey – and we need every single Crouse staff member to be on board. Regardless of where you work in the hospital, the focus is the same: providing the safest, highest quality care we can to our patients. We each have a role to play.”