Mission: Lifeline

In recognition of Crouse Hospital’s efforts to reduce the time it takes to receive treatment for a heart attack, the American Heart Association has designated the hospital as a Mission: Lifeline participant.

The goal of this national, community-based initiative is to improve quality of care and outcomes for STEMI heart attack patients by closing the gaps that separate patients from timely access to appropriate treatment. (STEMI stands for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction – the deadliest type of heart attack.)

Mission: Lifeline consists of early recognition by patients and bystanders of heart attack symptoms; early activation of 911 and emergency medical services; training of emergency medical services (EMS) personnel; ensuring EMS responders are equipped with 12-lead electrocardiogram capability (it takes a 12-lead to identify a STEMI); identifying hospitals that have services available 24/7 to open an artery (done with a cardiac catheterization procedure); and routing patients to these hospitals, including Crouse, where “door to balloon” times are among the lowest in the region.