Cardiology with Carepassion

What does Cardiology with Carepassion mean?
Just listen to some of the members of our team describe what practicing cardiac care at Crouse Health means to each other — and to our patients and community.

Joseph Battaglia, MD
For heart attack and other emergent heart conditions, say, “Take me to Crouse.” Why? Because the Crouse cardiac team consistently achieves the fastest door-to-balloon times in the region.

Anil George, MD
We pause and listen to patients as if they are our family and friends. We show them we care and involve them in the decision-making about their treatment.

Matthew Gorman, MD
Our cardiologists have created a standard of care, which they all work to uphold with the community.

Joshua Harrison, MD
A practice of 12 cardiologists with different specialties… a hospital that supports us…and a team that implores us to do what’s best for our patients.

Nikhil Joshi, MD
The culture of our practice puts patients first… that’s why our cardiologists have been taking care of generations of Central New York patients.

James Longo, MD
What’s unique about cardiology at Crouse is our team approach. We’re experts and friends working together to find the best way to treat you.

John Ulahannan, MD
Our cardiology team is constantly learning & adapting the way they practice for the patient’s benefit

Lynne Shopiro, RN
At Crouse, the standards are high and so is the expectation that we fulfill our mission of providing the best in patient care. Are you a nurse who sets your own high standards for patient care? Then join our team!

Megan McCabe, RN
Crouse cardiologists and nurses work closely together to always do what’s best for our patients. Meet Megan McCabe, RN, whose staff recently nominated her for a DAISY Nursing Leader Award.

Bob Miron, Crouse Health Board Member
Bob Miron shares his cardiac experience as a patient. “Do what Dr. Battaglia tells you…he’s the best in town.”