Foot and Ankle

Putting Your Best Foot – and Ankle – Forward

Our Foot & Ankle team provides comprehensive support for patients in Central New York with a unique group of professionals whose expertise allow for total management of a patient’s foot health.

We offer patients services for routine foot care like heel spurs to major surgical procedures such as an ankle replacement.

The Foot & Ankle Team’s expertise encompasses:

  • Ankle Replacements
  • Ankle sprains, strains, fractures and instability
  • Bunions
  • Hammer Toe
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Achilles tendon tears or ruptures
  • Overuse injuries

And treatments, including:

  • Splinting, bracing or casting
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or cortisone injections
  • Foot taping or padding
  • Physical therapy
  • Customized orthotics, lower extremity bracing and diabetic shoes

Meet Our Team

Frederick Lemley, MD

Practice: Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists

“I care for patients over age 10. I enjoy dealing with arthritis, ankle and foot instability, ligament problems, tendonitis of all types, bunions, hammer toes, high arched and flat feet. Through a combination of listening, physical examination and appropriate imaging studies, I develop a plan to help remedy patient problems. The treatment strategy developed is individual specific and may require something as simple as activity or shoe modification, or it may be more complex, involving various types of surgical reconstruction. My goal is to make patients as happy as possible with their feet and ankles with a strategy suited to the individual patient.”

Scott VanValkenburg, MD

Practice: Upstate Orthopedics

“My typical patient is anyone who’s been experiencing foot or ankle discomfort that is interfering with daily life activity. This can range from the young active patient who would like to get back into a training schedule, to the more mature patient who is unable to enjoy their retirement years due to ailing feet. My treatment philosophy is to truly listen to my patient and use my experience and education to help guide each individual toward making a decision that is specific to their own needs and expectations.“

Naven Duggal, MD

Practice: Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists

“My typical patient is 13 years or older. I see many active patients with overuse injuries of the ankle and foot. I treat chronic deformities of the foot and ankle, including bunions, hammer toes, flat foot problems and sports injuries, including sprains, ligament and tendon injuries of the foot and ankle. I also treat simple and complex fractures of the foot and ankle and arthritis of all foot and ankle joints. I take special care to review non-operative and operative options with each patient, while also discussing any associated risks and benefits.”