Our nursing and support staff will strike to make your stay at Crouse as comfortable as possible through some of the following amenities and services.

Telephone Service
Unlimited local phone service is available for $4 a day. To order telephone service dial call 315-470-8080 from your bedside phone. Service may also be ordered for you from outside the hospital by calling 1-800-288-7351. After local service has been ordered, long-distance calls may be made by either dialing directly at operated assisted rates or by using a credit card, calling card or phone card. Please note: dialing long distance directly is quite expensive. For your convenience, calling cards may be purchased in the hospital gift shop located in the Irving Lobby, or you may bring in a calling card. To make calls:

  • Local calls: dial 9 and the number.
  • Long-distance calls (collect calling, third-party calls): dial 9, 0, area code and number. The operator will assist you at operator-assisted rates.
  • Toll-free calls using a credit, phone or calling card: Dial 9, 1, and the 800 or 888 number.
  • You may also dial 0 to contact the hospital operator.

Frequently Called Numbers
The main telephone number for Crouse Hospital is 315-470-7111 and Patient Information is 315-470-7511. Since room assignments may change, your relatives and friends should check with Patient Information for your correct number. To dial your room directly from outside the hospital, the number is 315-299 plus the four-digits of the phone number for your bed. Here’s a list of other important phone numbers at Crouse Hospital.

Cell Phone Usage
For patient and visitor convenience, cellular devices (phones, PDAs, two-way pagers, family walkie-talkies, etc.) may be used in lobbies, cafeterias, visitor waiting areas, and private offices at Crouse Hospital. However, these devices need to be powered OFF when carried into certain clinical areas (all restricted areas will be indicated with appropriate signage).

Television Service
TV service (including network and 60 cable channels) can be ordered anytime by dialing ext. 8700 from your bedside phone. There is a one-time activation charge of $3.50 and a daily fee of $5 that will be added to your home telephone bill or to a designated credit card. It is not necessary for you to pay for these services while you are in the hospital. Fees will be placed on your monthly home telephone bill as “billed on behalf of Pathway Solutions” on the ESBI portion of your bill, or on the bill of a designated credit card. When you are discharged, you do not need to call to cancel television or phone service as it will be done automatically. If you are transferred to another room while a patient here, please activate the service using the phone in your new room. Your current account information will be transferred and you will not incur a new activation charge. Hospital channels are available at no cost whether you activate the television service or not.

Free Wireless Internet Access
Crouse Hospital is pleased to provide our patients, families and visitors with free wireless Internet service. Crouse Wi-Fi is available throughout the hospital.
There is no code to get Internet access on laptops. If a user is asked which network to access, please choose “CWIS.” Then open “Internet browser,” review the confidentiality statement, indicate acceptance of our terms and access will be established.  

The hospital’s parking garage is located directly across from Crouse Hospital at the corner of East Adams Street and Irving Avenue with entrances and exits on both Irving and South Crouse avenues. The garage is open at all times.

Upon discharge for an inpatient admission, there will be one voucher given for free parking in the garage for that day only. Many outpatient areas have parking vouchers for the patient and/or family member who brought them for a reduced parking rate on the day of the outpatient procedure or test.
If you have a question regarding parking, you can contact the parking office at 470-7118 or Security at 470-7826.

For the convenience of our patients, family members and other visitors, valet parking is available for $5 at the Irving Ave. entrance of the hospital weekdays, 5:45 a.m. – 9 p.m., and on weekends, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Normal garage parking rates still apply, but are waived on the day of discharge if patients are being picked up at this entrance.

Weekly/Monthly Parking Passes:
Weekly/monthly parking passes are available for the Crouse Hospital Parking Garage at a reduced rate. The passes can be obtained from the parking office, 1st floor of the Crouse Avenue side of the garage, Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. or from valet attendants at the valet office, Monday – Friday 6 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. If the Parking Office and Valet are closed, please obtain a receipt from the garage for the daily parking paid and turn that into the parking office or valet when a discounted pass is purchased, and it will be credited against the cost of the weekly/monthly pass.

• Weekly Parking Passes are $50
• Monthly Parking Passes are $115

Direct Admits can obtain a parking voucher from security.

Crouse Hospital does not operate the CNY Medical Center parking garage located across the street from our Emergency Department. This parking garage, for the physicians and patients using the CNY facility, does not honor Crouse Hospital parking vouchers.

You will be visited by a member of the Food and Nutrition Services Department to select meals for the following day.

Your nutritional needs are supervised by a dietician. If you have any problems with your menu selections, food delivery, or quality of your food, please contact Nutritional Services. Visitors are not allowed to bring you food or beverages unless approved by your doctor, dietician, or nurse.

Floral arrangements are delivered to your room by a hospital volunteer as soon after reaching the hospital as possible. Flowers delivered after you have been discharged will be returned to the florist.

Housekeeping Services
Your room will be cleaned and trash will be removed daily. If you have any concerns about room cleanliness, please inform your nurse.

Spiritual Care
The Rosamond Gifford Spiritual Care Center is here for you; for people of any faith or of no particular faith, for patients, family members or friends. Professional staff chaplains and trained volunteers help you access your own spiritual resources for your healing. You can ask for a visit from a chaplain at any time by calling ext. 7615, or by telling your nurse you would like a chaplain to visit. Muslim, Jewish, Christian and inter-faith chaplains are available on staff.

The Bob Maher Memorial Interfaith Chapel is open at all times for quiet reflection. It is located on the first floor of the West Tower building. To reach the chapel, take any elevator to the 1st floor. Turn right off the elevators and follow the signs. Scriptures and devotional materials of many faiths are available at no cost in the chapel, and upon request.

Pomeroy Patient Patio
The Pomeroy Patient Patio is a 1,000 square-foot courtyard within the hospital that serves as a safe, soothing location for inpatients and family members. The patio is located on the second floor of the Irving building, just off the main lobby and convenient to all patient care areas. It is designed to be a “three season” accessible space available daily from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. from April 15 to November 15.

Patient’s attending physician must grant permission for patio use and the length of time. Patients using the patio must be under the care of an authorized staff member/volunteer. This is a non-smoking area.

You may notice “S-h-h-h” signs throughout the hospital. That’s because we take our patient’s needs for rest and sleep seriously as you recuperate. You can help by keeping your television volume low enough so your roommate will be able to rest and just high enough for you to hear. To help you to hear better and to preserve your neighbor’s “quiet zone,” we can provide you with a headset that attaches to the pillow speaker or amplifiers to give you the right level of sound so that you can enjoy television programming. There is no charge for this.

Between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. earbud use is required when listening to your television or personal devices. Family members may call the patient’s’ nursing station for updates at any time.

For the health of our patients and visitors, Crouse Hospital is 100% smoke-free. Smoking outside of the hospital is restricted to areas that are more than 100 feet away from hospital property.

Language Assistance Program
Language barriers can make it difficult for patients to obtain information about medical services, make appointments and navigate the healthcare system. Crouse Hospital’s Language Assistance Program is in place to ensure appropriate access to care and services for patients with limited English proficiency and/or hearing impairment who require communication assistance.

If you are hearing impaired or need a language interpreter, please let us know. Special TDD phones are available. Our TDD line is 315-470-7914. Interpretation services for non-English speaking patients are also available upon request.

Crouse Cares

CrouseCares: Building the Foundation for our Future.


Crouse Cares

CrouseCares: Building the Foundation for our Future.