Application Process

Individuals who want to apply to Pomeroy College of Nursing must complete the Application Process below. If you have any questions as you complete it please contact us at 315-470-7481.

  1. Complete in full the online application here.
  2. After submitting your application and application fee ($30 for online submission), arrange for the following required documentation to be sent to the College of Nursing:
    • Official copy of high school transcript (required even if the applicant has attended college)
    • Official copy of GED (if applicable)
    • Official copy of External Diploma (if applicable)
    • Official copies of standardized test scores (SAT, ACT, TOEFL) as indicated
    • Official copies of all college/post-secondary transcripts (if applicable)
    • Two completed reference forms
      References should be professional or academic in nature. References from friends or family members are NOT acceptable. Reference letters from international applicants must be from individuals residing in the United States.

      Pomeroy College of Nursing at Crouse Hospital
      736 Irving Ave.
      Syracuse, NY 13210

    • Add Pomeroy College of Nursing to your Contacts in email. Our database system will send out automated e-mails informing you that we have received your application and will provide a list of the items necessary to complete your application. If/when applicants do not receive these emails, it may hold up your application processing.

Applications for admission will not be considered until all materials are completed and submitted to the college. Application materials become property of Pomeroy College of Nursing and will not be returned.

Application Target Dates
Due to the competitive nature of the admission process, candidates are encouraged to submit all required application documents two weeks prior to the target date. This provides ample time for all required documentation to be received and reviewed by the college. Incomplete applications will not be considered for admission.

Fall Admission – Feb. 1
Spring Admission – Sept. 15

Inactive Applications
If an applicant has not been in contact with the college for one year following the date of submission, the application will be deemed inactive and removed from the admission files.