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Student Life


Pomeroy College of Nursing students comprise a diverse group of men and women of different ages and varying backgrounds. Whether you're a "commuter" student or one who lives in the school's residential facilities on campus, meeting, studying and working alongside fellow students from backgrounds different from your own will help prepare you for the real-world of caring for patients of varying ages, races, religions and creeds.

As a student at Pomeroy College of Nursing, you'll have the opportunity to develop not only your academic and nursing practice skills, but managerial and leadership skills as well. Plus you'll have the added bonus of making friends — some will last a lifetime — with those who understand your passion for making nursing not just a job, but your profession.  Students undertake projects together as part of the Pomeroy College of Nursing Association, affiliated with the National Student Nurses Association.


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And the following addendum's:

Addendum A - Health Assessment

Addendum B - Grading

Addendum C - Dismissal

Addendum D - Distance

Addendum E - Readmission

Addendum F - Test Taking Policy

Addendum G - Academic Honors and Dean's List

Addendum H - Academic and Clinical Warnings

Addendum I - Meeting Course Requirements

Addendum J-1 - Grading

Addendum K - Post Exam Review

Addendum L - Copyright Infringement

Addendum M - Dosage Calculation

Addendum N - Request to Repeat a Nursing Course

Addendum O - Course Descriptions

Addendum P - Readmission



Assistant Dean for Students

Our assistant dean for students is available throughout the week to assist with study strategies, time management skills and a variety of helpful hints for success in a nursing program.


Academic Catalog

Your total go-to guide about the school.
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100 Year Anniversary Commemorative Cards

Keepsake Cards Available in Gift Shop, College Office.
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