Eligibility for financial assistance is established according to information contained in the documentation the student receives in response to applying for financial aid. You can obtain an early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid online.

Financial assistance must be requested and needs to be determined annually. So, it is necessary to re-apply for financial assistance each academic year. Students are ineligible for financial aid if they are in default on any prior educational loan.

State and federal student financial aid programs are subject to adjustment depending on any change in your financial status and on the allocation of funds to the school. Financial aid is awarded for the academic year and, unless otherwise indicated, awards are credited one half to each semester. Refund checks are issued twice a year as they are available.

Financial Independence

Federal and state regulations establish specific criteria for students to qualify as financially independent for purposes of receiving financial aid. The instructions for each form must be read carefully to determine eligibility as a financially independent student.