Degree in 3

Pomeroy College of Nursing Degree in Three

Do you want to become a nurse?  Do you want to earn your associate degree and bachelor’s degree in nursing? Now you can — in just three years!

Pomeroy College of Nursing at Crouse Hospital has partnered with Le Moyne College to create an accelerated nursing program called Degree in 3.

The first of its kind in Central New York, the program provides students with dual matriculation at both institutions, culminating upon completion in an associate in applied science with a major in nursing from Pomeroy and a bachelor of science with a major in nursing from Le Moyne. The program began in fall 2019.

The program provides the best of both worlds: an on-campus experience and extensive clinical practice. All financial aid and tuition payments will be coordinated through Le Moyne, including a variety of federal and state aid, student loans, scholarships and awards. Completing the degree in just three versus four years is not just less expensive overall, but you will be in the professional workforce that much quicker.

Key Benefits of Degree in 3:

  • Three-year condensed program of study
  • Associate degree AND bachelor’s degree with a major in nursing
  • Dual matriculation at both Pomeroy and Le Moyne
  • Lower tuition costs than a traditional four-year degree at a private college
  • Financial aid and tuition payments coordinated through Le Moyne
  • On-campus living and learning experience at Le Moyne
  • Student support for success
  • Extensive nursing educational resources and clinical opportunities

More About Degree in 3:

Degree in 3 Program/Curriculum Plan

For Further Information and to Apply:

To apply to the Le Moyne/Pomeroy three-year degree program, contact Le Moyne College at or call 315-445-4300, or Amy Graham, assistant dean for enrollment at Pomeroy College of Nursing, at 315-470-7481 or