RN Residency Program

The backbone of any hospital is its nursing staff, and as Crouse Health strives to provide the best in patient care, we continue to strive for the highest standards of nursing excellence. We’re committed to helping newly graduated nurses enjoy greater success and career development through our new nurse residency program.

The 12-month program assists in transitioning new graduates from the student role into the professional, direct-care provider role. New graduates engage with peers and mentors while receiving structured support during the entire first year of employment. This includes class discussions, hands-on learning with simulation and experienced presenters who offer valuable patient care perspectives. As a result, new graduates achieve more confidence, feel more secure and reach goals with far greater ease.

 Areas of focus include:

  • Communication
  • Professional development
  • Professional role
  • Patient safety
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Advancing practice
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking
  • Positive change
  • Research, evidence-based practice and performance improvement

Any nurse hired with limited practice experience will participate in the nurse residency program as part of her or his employment.