Patient Feedback

At Crouse Health, we take our commitment – our mission – of providing the best in patient care very seriously. Most importantly, we listen to what our patients and families have to say about us.

We are the first to admit that, as hard as we try, we may not always meet the expectations of our patients. We use these situations to listen, learn and become a better hospital. The information and feedback we gather is used to develop lasting, positive change in the way we deliver care.

Tools we use to check and measure our performance include:

  • Phone and mail-in surveys regularly conducted with our patients and families
  • Clinical outcomes (how our patients are doing following care/treatment)
  • Regular informal “conversations” and focus groups with patients and their families
  • Management rounding

Hospitals are complex places, and becoming a better one is an ongoing priority at Crouse. One way we do this is by inviting patients who have had a negative experience with us back to the hospital to tell their story to our staff. We do this to help learn where improvements need to be made and to provide staff with an inside viewpoint directly from the patient and his or her family members.

Exceeding – not just meeting – patient expectations is a goal we strive for with each patient. Listening, learning and then making changes based on what we have heard helps us do that.
Your Opinion Counts