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Physician Specialists

Crouse Hospital is proud to partner with a team of specialists recognized regionally and beyond for their expertise in brain and spine care using leading-edge treatments. The clinical expertise of our specialists, along with the latest technology and multidisciplinary team approach to care, makes the Crouse Neuroscience Institute the clear choice for advanced stroke, brain and spine care.


Neurovascular & Stroke Division / Skull Base Microsurgery Division

Deshaies Bio SizeEric M. Deshaies, MD, FAANS, FACS
Contact: 315-701-2550

Dr. Deshaies serves as Medical Director of the Crouse Neuroscience Institute. He is Director of Skull Base Surgery and of Neuroendovascular and Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery.

Learn more about Eric M. Deshaies, MD.



Padalino Bio SizeDavid Padalino, MD
Contact: 315-701-2550

Dr. Padalino serves as Director of Neurosurgery Education. He treats brain aneurysms; skull base and brain stem tumors; and arteriovenous malformations of the brain and spinal cord.


 Learn more about David Padalino, MD.



Raghu-newbioRaghu Ramaswamy, MBBS, FRCS (sn)
Contact: 315-701-2550

Dr. Ramaswamy specializes in skull base neurosurgery, spinal neurosurgery and endovascular neurosurgery

Learn more about Raghu Ramaswamy, MD.



Brain Tumor Division / Spine Division



Canute Bio SizeGregory Canute, MD, FAANS
Contact: 315-701-2550

Dr. Canute specializes in brain-related conditions, including brain tumors, pituitary tumors; and chiari malformations, using techniques including spinal surgery; neurostimulation; and cyberknife stereotactic radiosurgery.

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Moquin 93 x 131 finalRoss R. Moquin, MD, FAANS
Contact: 315-701-2550

Dr. Moquin serves as Chief of Neurosurgery and Medical Director of Spinal Surgery at Crouse Hospital. He specializes in all conditions of the spine, including scoliosis; spinal deformity; spine trauma and brain injuries.

Learn more about Ross R. Moquin, MD


soults_93x131Clifford Soults, MD

Contact: 315-701-2550


Dr. Soults specializes in neurosurgery.

Learn more about Clifford Soults, MD.




Crouse Neurology





Malek Bio SizeSami Abdul Malak, MD, FAAN
Contact: 315-470-7747

Dr. Malak is the chief of Neurology at Crouse Hospital. He treats stroke and other cerebrovascular disorders.

Learn more about Sami Abdul Malak, MD.




gupta-vikas-bioVikas Gupta, MD,
Contact: 315-470-7747

Dr. Gupta is Medical Director of Neurophysiology for Crouse Medical Practice. He specializes in EEG monitoring and outpatient epilepsy care.

Learn more about Vikas Gupta, MD.




Ma Bio SizeJianxin Ma, MD
Contact: 315-470-7747

He treats stroke and other cerebrovascular disorders, including migraines and headaches; epilepsy; and multiple sclerosis.

Learn more about Jianxin Ma, MD.




Ramachadran_bioTarakad Ramachandran, MD

Contact: 315-470-7747


Dr. Ramachandran serves as a Neurology Hospitalist and senior quality director.


Learn more about Tarakad Ramachandran, MD.


Interventional Spine and Pain Management

DavidMoorthi-bioDavid Moorthi, MD

Contact: 315-218-5303


Dr. Moorthi is an Interventional Spine Specialistwho collaborates with providers on development and coordination of treatment plans designed to prevent unnecessary treatment.

Learn more about David Moorthi, MD.