A Palliative Medicine consultation at Crouse Hospital provides information and patient and family-centered education and acts as a resource for symptom management support in serious illness. A consultation for patients with chronic and/or serious illness may be helpful for those who:

  • Are in pain and are having difficulty with symptom management.
  • Require grief counseling or could benefit from additional emotional support.
  • Are experiencing conflict with family members or loved ones over treatment options.
  • Feel hopeless or depressed.
  • Are not yet ready for Hospice care.
  • Have questions about withdrawal of treatment/life support.

Patients and families are provided information so decisions can be made about patient care. The information includes, but is not limited to, the disease process, prognosis and the benefits and burdens of potential interventions. Anyone, including physicians, staff, patients and their families may request a consultation by dialing “0” for the Crouse operator, who will contact a member of the Palliative Medicine team.