Cord Blood Donations

All expectant mothers delivering in Onondaga County can donate their cord blood.

Donating is easy. The forms expectant mothers need to complete before delivery are included in the prenatal packets given during their OB visits.

Why expectant mothers should donate:
–  There is no risk and no cost to donate.
–  Cord blood collection is painless and done within 10 minutes of giving birth.
–  95% of all cord blood is discarded as medical waste.
–  Cord blood provides a source of stem cells for patients that are difficult to match.
–  Cord blood is used in life-saving transplants for 80+ diseases.
–  You only have one chance to donate.

At Crouse Health, we believe all life is precious. That’s why we have partnered with the Upstate Cord Blood Bank, our local not-for-profit public banking center, to help improve and save lives.

Umbilical cord blood is rich in stem cells and has been shown to have a beneficial value in fighting against blood cancers such as leukemia or lymphoma, and as many as 80 other life-threatening diseases. A transplant of the cord blood a mother chooses to bank might just be the only hope of a cure for those suffering from cancer and other diseases.

Thank you for choosing to deliver your baby at Crouse’s Kienzle Family Maternity Center. If you have decided to donate your umbilical cord blood, the first step is to speak with your obstetrician during your 36-week visit. Once you have completed several forms, your doctor will notify Crouse of your intent to donate. The donation process at delivery is seamless and painless.