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Neurovascular and Stroke Center
Skull Base Microsurgery Center
Stroke Center

David Padalino, MD, FAANS
Raghu Ramaswamy, MBBS, FRCS

CNY Medical Center
739 Irving Ave., Suite 600
Syracuse, NY 13210
Office 315-701-2550
Fax 315-701-2551

Brain Tumor Center
Center for the Aging Spine
Spinal Surgery Center

Ross Moquin. MD, FAANS
Gregory Canute, MD, FAANS

Madison Irving Medical Center
475 Irving Ave., Suite 418
Syracuse, NY 13210
Office 315-475-3999
Fax 315-475-4014

Crouse Medical Practice PLLC-Neurology
Sami Abdul Malak, MD, FAAN
Physicians Office Building
725 Irving Ave., Suite 402
Syracuse, NY 13210
Office 315-470-7747
Fax 315-470-7758