Integrative Medicine

integrative medicineCrouse Hospital’s Institute for Integrative Medicine was created, through the Crouse Health Foundation, to provide education about integrative medicine to the general public and to the medical community. Crouse was the first hospital in Syracuse to offer integrative medicine educational and patient programs, including Reiki and therapeutic massage.

Integrative medicine combines modern conventional treatments resulting from well-grounded and widely-accepted scientific research with the wisdom and techniques of ancient healing practices, also demonstrated to be safe, comforting and, in many cases, as supported by recent studies published in mainstream medical annals, effective complements to treatment.

In treating chronic disease, life-threatening illness and various quality-of-overall health issues, integrative medicine addresses the physical needs of people while also taking into account their emotional and spiritual well-being. The discipline can also be embraced by those who are not ill, but who wish to prevent health-related problems and enhance their own day-to-day living.