NICU Medical Services

The tiny patients cared for in Crouse’s Baker NICU range from birth to six months of age. We provide a wide range of medical services to help your baby develop and grow properly.

+Child Development

When your baby is ready to be discharged, our NICU staff will review all appointments, feedings, medications and any other concerns. Often NICU patients will return to Crouse Hospital for a developmental follow-up six months after your due date to ensure that your child is healthy. After this check-up, your baby’s health and progress will be discussed with you, and a report of the clinical results will be sent to your baby’s physician. Many of the following procedures will be discussed before and after your baby leaves the NICU. Please feel free to ask your infant’s physicians, nurses or staff for further information.

+Blood Transfusions

If your baby requires a blood transfusion, your infant’s doctor or Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NNP) will speak with you to obtain permission for the transfusion. An information sheet “A Word About Blood Transfusions” is available to help you understand this procedure.

+Eye Exams

An eye exam will be scheduled for babies born more than two months early to ensure that their eyes develop normally. To continue close monitoring, follow-up eye exams are often necessary. The results of the eye exam will be provided in writing at your infant’s bedside as well as in person or by phone on the day of your baby’s exam.

+Hearing Exams

Prior to discharge, your baby will have his or her hearing screened (Crouse was the first hospital in New York State to offer infant hearing screening). Results will be provided at your infant’s bedside.


A Hepatitis B vaccine is recommended at birth for all infants, even those who are full-term. If your infant is born early, however, this vaccine may be delayed until the infant is one month of age or prior to discharge if he or she is less than one month old. Routine two-month immunizations will also be discussed.

+Infant CPR

Infant CPR classes are routinely offered to all families who have a baby in the NICU. Due to limited space, we encourage families to sign up for a class.