Cardiac Catheterization Lab

A cardiac catheterization lab, commonly referred to as the cath lab, is where minimally invasive tests and procedures to diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease are performed.

Interventional cardiologists are heart doctors who specialize in treating cardiovascular disease and who have had advanced education and training in the use of tiny, flexible tubes called catheters to perform cardiovascular procedures. Trained cath lab nurses are involved with your care from the time you arrive for your procedure, during it and afterward.

The Crouse cath lab is equipped with special imaging technology used to see arteries and check how well blood is flowing to and from the heart. This information helps the cardiac care team to diagnose and treat blockages and other problems in the arteries.

Cardiac Cath Lab Procedures at Crouse Health

  • Left & Right Cardiac Caths
  • Aortic Study
  • Cardiac Biopsy
  • Impella Insertion
  • STEMI intervention
  • Coronary Stenting and Ballooning
  • Arthrectomy
  • Pericardiocentis
  • Cardioversion
  • Rotational atherectomy