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Little Fighters Feature

Crouse Little Fighter Gabe


When Gabe was born, the physicians had no clinical explanation for his high birth weight. Today, we know that Gabriel’s birth weight was due in part to his diagnosis of a whole gene deletion on chromosome 17, Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF).

Karen Dodge

Karen Dodge

Karen Dodge was born in 1981 with Spina Bifada, and cared for lovingly by the Baker Regional NICU team. Today, she’s a 35-year-old mom!

Stella Hunt, Crouse Little Fighter

Stella Hunt

Her father says, “I believe God sent us to Crouse Hospital for a reason.”

Lucy Woodruff

As much as I hated leaving Lucy in the NICU each night, I knew she was in good and loving hands.

Crouse Little Fighter McQuaid

McQuaid Higbee

McQuaid’s entire family is mindful of and grateful for the compassionate 24/7 attention they received from the NICU.

Crouse Little Fighter Ashley

Ashley Morrice

Ashley was born prematurely due to severe preeclampsia. Looking at her now you would never know how her life started!

Crouse Little Fighter Samantha Utano

Samantha Utano

Beth Utano learned she was expecting just a short time before having to say goodbye to husband Mike as he left for U.S. Air Force boot camp. Then the unexpected happened.

Rachfal Twins

From babies born at 30 weeks to healthy professionals today, the Rachfal twins and their parents are thankful.

Joey Ponto

Living with Prematurity: The Joey Ponto Story.

Nora Marceau, RN

WATCH VIDEO: Nora Marceau, RN, is a Crouse NICU graduate who became a nurse and now works alongside other nurses who cared for her when she was a newborn.

Crouse Little Fighter Jayden


Jayden Grant spent 23 days fighting in the NICU, including two surgeries by six days old.

Caitlin Barry, Crouse Little Fighter


Caitlin had the lowest possible Apgar scores when she was born. Now she’s singing all over Central New York.

Jenna LaLonde, Crouse Little Fighter


Jenna was born at 23 weeks and given a 10 percent chance of surviving. Today she’s thriving as a keyboard player with her own YouTube channel.

Little Fighter Allen triplets

Allen Triplets

The Allen triplets were given a five percent survival rate, but beat all odds and fought hard to be the strong little three-year-olds they are today.

Little Fighters Mexico school

Mexico Middle School

The generous spirit of the faculty and staff at Mexico Middle School does not stop at the four walls of the school building. Learn what they did for our Crouse Little Fighters.

Dr. BouAram

Bouraa BouAram, MD

WATCH VIDEO: Baker Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Crouse – Where Technology Meets Compassion and the Best in Patient Care.

Vivian Nohle, Crouse Little Fighter

Vivian Nohle

As an infant she was on the highest level of respiratory support. At three years old, she is happy, healthy, and breathing on her own.

Crouse Little Fighter, Kyle Mau

Kyle Mau

Kyle spent four months in the NICU fighting to survive. 31 years later, his mother still thanks Crouse for giving her the chance to see her son grow up.

Crouse Little Fighter, Alexandria Woodward

Alexandria Woodward

Born with underdeveloped lungs, she couldn’t breathe on her own. 11 years later she is independently breathing, playing sports, and excelling in school.

Logan and Declan Powers, Crouse Little Fighters

Declan and Logan

Born on New Year’s Day, Declan and Logan Powers spent three months in the NICU. Today, they’re happy and healthy three year olds.

Crouse Little Figher Ciara Studstill

Ciara Studstill

Ciara was born at just 728 grams. Today she’s preparing for her first semester of college.

American Legion baby shower for Crouse Little Fighters

American Legion NICU Baby Shower

The women of the Onondaga Salon #154 Chapter of the American Legion host an annual baby shower for Crouse Little Fighters.

Crouse Little Fighter Haylee Schultz

Haylee Schultz

Haylee Shultz spent a week in the NICU after she was born. On her eighth birthday, she wanted to give back.

Gavin and Grant Johnson, Crouse Little Fighters

Gavin and Grant

Gavin and Grant Johnson spent four and six months fighting for their lives in the NICU. They just celebrated their first birthday!

Samir Salaam Jennings-Bey

WATCH VIDEO: Leaving a child behind in the NICU each night leaves many parents with uneasiness and anxiety, but Tim and Najah knew that Samir would receive the best care possible from the Crouse team.

Fallon Moen and Matt Mills

Fallon Moen and Matt Mills say the staff in the Baker Regional NICU at Crouse Health is ‘nothing short of amazing.’ Their son Henry is in the NICU, having been born early. Matt says they have ‘100% trust in Crouse.’

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When you give to Crouse’s Baker Regional NICU, you’re giving our region’s tiniest and sickest babies a fighting chance.


Donate Now

When you give to Crouse’s Baker Regional NICU, you’re giving our region’s tiniest and sickest babies a fighting chance.