Crouse Health Tribute Evening Honorees

2023 Mel Stith   1998 Harold H. Wanamaker, MD (deceased)
2022 Aminy Inati Audi   1997 Ernest L. Sarason, MD (deceased)
2019 Mary and Jerry Mathews   1996 Kenneth A. Shaw, PhD
2018 William “Bill” Loftus, MD   1995 James W. Maher (deceased)
2017 Judy and Eric Mower   1994 Central New York Community Foundation, Inc.
2016 Diane and Bob Miron   1993 David G. Murray, MD
2015 Anis I. Obeid, MD   1992 Orletta S. Vadeboncoeur (deceased)
2014 Physicians of Pediatric Cardiology Associates

{Nader Atallah, MD; Craig Byrum, MD; Matthew Egan, MD; Daniel Kveselis, MD; and Frank Smith, MD}

  1991 Hedwig G. Sulzle (deceased)
2013 Betsy Hartnett   1990 William A. Hiller Sr. (deceased)
2012 Bill and Sandra Pomeroy   1989 James A. Abbott
2011 Physicians of Cardiology, P.C.

{Joseph Battaglia, MD; William Berkery, MD; James Longo, MD; Anthony Navone, MD; Kwabena Boahene, MD; Matthew Gorman, MD; and Anil George, MD}

  1988 Ronald N. Goddard (deceased)
2010 Physicians of Neonatal Associates of CNY

{Steven Gross, MD; Ellen Bifano, MD; Thomas Curran, MD; Bonnie Marr, MD; Michelle Bode, MD; Beverly Roy, MD; and Boura’a Bou Aram, MD}

  1987 Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital Medical Staff
2009 Mary-Pat Donaldson Northrup   1986 Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital Nurses, Staff, Students and Alumni
2008 Michael J. and Noreen R. Falcone   1985 Margaret Williams, MD (deceased)
2007 Edward S. Green (deceased)   1984 Sister Patricia Ann Mulherin, OSF (deceased)
2006 Sandy and Betsy Belden   1983 Crouse Irving Memorial Auxiliary
2005 Paul Kronenberg, MD   1982 A salute to higher education: Cazenovia College; Le Moyne College; Maria Regina College; Onondaga

Community College; State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry; Syracuse University

2004 Mary Cotter   1980 Margot Northrup (deceased)
2003 Jim Boeheim   1979 Lewis W. Bluemle, MD and Richard P. Schmidt, MD (deceased)
2002 Dennis A. Brown, MD   1978 In honor of the individuals whose efforts brought about the merger of Crouse- Irving and Syracuse Memorial Hospitals:

{David M. Beers (deceased); Alfred S. Berne, MD (deceased); Julia G. Dietz (deceased); Kenneth F. Golden, MD; Desmond F. McLaughlin, MD; Dorothy Pellenz (deceased); William A. Schiess, MD; and George S. Sullivan Sr. (deceased)}

2001 Michael H. Ratner, MD   1977 New York Senator Tarky Lombardi Jr.
2000 Robert J. Bennett   1976 T. Frank Dolan Jr. (deceased)
1999 25 Years of Crouse Health Foundation Volunteers