Planned Giving

Gifts may be given outright or structured to maximize one’s financial and estate plans through our Planned Giving Program. Opportunities such as our Pooled Life Income Fund, charitable trusts, gift annuities, bequests and IRA designations allow donors to plan their gifts based on personal situations; some options also provide donors with income for a term of years or life.

The Foundation can accept gifts of cash, life insurance, IRA designations and appreciated property (securities, real estate and, on a limited basis, tangible personal property). In addition to the satisfaction received from supporting healthcare in our community, donors to the Crouse Health Foundation are eligible for income tax deductions and other tax incentives that exist under federal and state laws.

The Crouse Health Foundation staff is available to assist you with planned gifts such as bequests, annuities, trust arrangements or gifts of retirement assets. To learn more about ways to plan your gift or to request more information, please call 315-470-7702 or email