Clocktower Restoration Campaign


Preserving a Syracuse Landmark:

Restoring the Crouse Clocktower

Since 1927, the Crouse clocktower has been an indispensable landmark of the Syracuse skyline and a focal point on the Hill that is widely recognized and identified as Crouse Hospital.

The architecture, considered extravagant during the era in which it was built, features a functioning clock and arched windows. The tower has provided a striking and memorable foundation for the annual Lights of Love fundraiser.

After nearly 100 years, the structure requires cosmetic and structural repairs and restoration. The logistics of these repairs, given the placement of the clocktower, are very intricate. Specialty scaffolding will be required to enable contractors to move forward with work, which will consist of abatement, new paint, structural concrete repairs, window repair and replacement, sealants and roofing repairs as well as lighting upgrades/replacement.

With these needed repairs, the Crouse clocktower will continue to be a prominent beacon of health, hope and health for many years to come.

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