New Pomeroy Emergency Services Department

It’s a new era for emergency services care for Central New Yorkers. That’s because the new Pomeroy Emergency Services Department brings emergency care to a whole new level with the region’s most advanced and patient-focused emergency room.

Teamwork to Make You Better
More than 150 experienced and passionate board-certified emergency medicine physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, care managers, social workers and support staff work together to care for you.

Quick Response Times
Crouse’s ER is one of the busiest in the region. And our Pomeroy Emergency Services team is one of the fastest and most efficient in treating complex, urgent medical conditions. Their quick response times, plus a brand new facility, add up to the best in emergency care right at the hospital you trust — Crouse Health.

Advanced Facility, Advanced Care
The Pomeroy Emergency Services Department has more than tripled in size. An improved, modern design allows us to move patients faster – and more comfortably and safely – through triage. Our new ER features the region’s most advanced technology to match the award-winning care our emergency services team provides.