Visiting Hours and Information

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General Visiting Hours

We value the importance of visiting for both our patients and our guests and offer these helpful “tips” to ensure a pleasant, respectful and healing visit for all.

• As part of our Healing Environment, we welcome visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You may visit at your convenience, provided you are healthy (no coughs/colds, etc.) and the patient has agreed to open visiting. Please check with the patient before coming to the hospital. If possible, please tell us in advance so that we may help make accommodations.
• Be respectful and considerate of our staff, physicians, volunteers and other visitors and patients.
• You may be asked to step out of the patient room while visiting; this may be related to your loved one’s care, or the care of another patient in the same room. Please respect this request.
• A healing environment is a calm environment. Please help us keep our hospital QUIET.
• Be engaged in the care of your loved one. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something regarding the care your loved one is receiving. Advocate for your loved one in a helpful manner.
• Please note that the number of visitors in a patient room at one time may need to be limited out of respect for roommates or due to room size.
• You will discuss your request for overnight visiting with the staff. You will understand if there is a need to have you stay in the Guesting Center or Waiting Area with subsequent visits with your loved one throughout the night.
• All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, other than the patient.
• Visitors are responsible for personal belongings.

If you need assistance or have any questions while visiting, please talk to the unit charge nurse or nurse manager or call Patient & Guest Relations at 315-470‑7087.

Hand Washing & Staying Healthy

The very best way for a patient or visitor to help prevent the spread of germs and infection is by washing your hands before and after visiting. Notice, too, whether your caregivers have washed their hands. Don’t be afraid to gently remind a doctor or nurse to do this. Hand washing stations are located at the entrance to all patient rooms and in many other areas of the hospital. Visitors with a cold, the flu, or other contagious illnesses or symptoms should delay their visit until they are well.

No Smoking Policy

Crouse Hospital is a totally smoke-free environment – inside and out. For the health of our patients, visitors and employees, smoking is not permitted inside our facilities or within 100 feet of any hospital-owned property. Thank you for your understanding.