Infusion Services

We are pleased to provide a dedicated area within Crouse Hospital for patients requiring infusion therapy services. Conveniently located on the 4 South Irving unit, infusion is provided in a comfortable lounge area (room 4001) 24 hours a day. Chemotherapy, blood products and remicade infusion are available, with others as requested.

Easy Patient Admitting Process

Referring physicians may call 315-470-1065 (Patient Placement) to inform the bed management representative that you are scheduling an outpatient for the infusion room on 4 South Irving. You may also fax the Crouse Hospital Admission Transfer Request form to 315-470-7201.

For more timely infusion service, please continue to fax patient orders to 4 South Irving at 315-470-7273.

Physician Order Forms

Outpatient Transfusion Treatment Consent Form

Outpatient Consent to Hemapheresis Consent Form

Outpatient Order Form

Inpatient Hemapheresis Consent Form