Robotic Surgery Team

The surgeons who practice in the Crouse Institute for Robotic Surgery are not just skilled, highly trained experts in their specialties. They are passionate about robotic surgery and the outcomes they can bring about for patients.

Our experienced robotic surgeons, general surgeons and providers offer you an entire suite of procedures for a host of medical issues and conditions. Each of our general surgery physicians can be reached at 315-470-7364.

Akbar Faisal Ahmed, MD
Steven Gelb, MD
Benjamin Sadowitz, MD
James Sartori, MD

Are you overweight? Do you also have heart problems, sleep apnea or type 2 diabetes? Have you struggled to lose weight through diet and exercise with no long-term success? Then weight loss surgery at Crouse Health may be right for you. Our bariatric robotic surgeons and providers have years of experience and are sensitive to the needs of patients who need to lose a substantial amount of weight. The bariatric team members can be reached at 315-470-7364.

Kenneth Cooper, DO
Jeffrey DeSimone, MD
Taewan Kim, MD

Crouse Health is affiliated with Colon Rectal Associates of Cental New Yok, LLP. Drs. Nesbitt and Nicholson can be reached at 315-458-2211.

David Nesbitt, MD
John Nicholson, MD

Rinki Agarwal, MD    315-464-5162
Douglas Bunn, MD     315-634-4112
Mary Cunningham, MD   315-634-4112

Stephen Brown, MD    315-446-4400
Nikole Bucsek, MD    315-478-1158
Carla Liberatore, MD    315-445-2701
Myron Luthringer, MD   315-492-5915
Navpriya Oberoi, MD   315-471-4911
Byuong Ryu, MD   315-671-0070
Shane Sopp, MD   315-492-5005

Crouse Health is affiliated with the urologists at Associated Medical Professionals.
Dr. Albala and Dr. Narins practice at the Syracuse office at 315-478-4185.
Dr. Ruhotina practices in the Syracuse office and Camillus office.
Dr. Sauer practices in the Fayetteville office.
Dr. Lam practices in the Syracuse office and Camillus office.
Dr. Sekula and Dr. Welchons can be reached at the practice’s New Hartford office at 315-724-1012.

David Albala, MD   315-478-4185
Po Lam, MD   315-478-4185
Hadley Narins, MD   315-478-4185
Ned Ruhotina, MD   315-478-4185
Harvey Sauer, MD   315-329-0210
Jeffrey Sekula, MD  315-724-1012
Daniel Welchons, MD  315-724-1012