Crouse Connects

Crouse isn’t just about healthcare. We’re about what we believe sets us apart: Carepassion™ .

We always say we’re not a ‘perfect’ hospital. But our physicians, nurses, providers and staff strive to listen to each patient and family member’s feelings and needs with the respect and dignity you deserve.

Our CrouseConnects blog is designed to talk about some of the ways we connect and do just that. How we work on achieving clinical advances that help us provide the best in patient care for our community and region. And how we try to tend to the “little things” — parking, getting around and dining, for example — to make anyone’s visit or stay at Crouse more welcoming and comfortable.

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World Hand Hygiene Day

By: Crouse News

Each year on May 5, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day, aiming to maintain global promotion, visibility and sustainability of hand hygiene in healthcare. In 2021, WHO asks healthcare providers and staff to achieve hand hygiene at the point of care. Hand Hygiene in Healthcare “Cleaning your hands is one of…

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Maternal Mental Health: How COVID-19 Has Isolated New and Expecting Moms

By: Laurie Clark

The COVID-19 pandemic has been very isolating for many people, especially those who have mental health conditions. In fact, in a May 2020 article for the Washington Post, William Wan wrote that the pandemic is “pushing America into a mental health crisis.” A June 2020 study from the CDC reported that “symptoms of anxiety disorder…

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Managing Stress in Unprecedented Times

By: Crouse News

As much of our nation moves toward resuming some degree of normalcy, stress will inevitably still be a factor each of us will continue to face.  The challenges we have experienced reinforce the need to consider how we think about managing stress to protect and promote our well-being.  Effective stress management has long been associated…

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Covid-19 Vaccination: Safe and the Right Thing to Do For Our Loved Ones and Our Nation

By: Tolani Ajagbe, MD

“This may be the generational moment of our lifetime that requires we all come together, trust one another and do the right thing.” As a minority person at Crouse Health, I have been inspired by the efforts of hospital leadership to advance issues related to diversity and inclusion. I’ve been particularly encouraged by efforts made…

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