Charles Pickering and Rebecca Anderson-Pickering

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Parents: Charles Pickering and Rebecca Anderson-Pickering
Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Three years ago, my wife and I were busy planning for Christmas and preparing for the incoming triplets, not realizing in a little over a month we would be the parents of three of the smallest babies (about 2 pounds, 5 ounces on average) either of us had ever seen, let alone held. During this Christmas season as I look at the three little miracles that we now have, I wanted to reach out to the nurses and doctors at Crouse and say a big THANK U, Crouse NICU! Spending every day in the NICU for nine weeks, my wife and I began to feel as though the nurses, doctors and staff were all a part of our family. The care our children received was amazing, and on top of that, the staff to the time to help my wife and I learn and grow to be parents. When it came time to bring Lillian, Corey and Charlie home, we were both confident that we could handle everything life was about to bring us. Here we are almost three years later, and we were right. From everyone in our family, we wish everyone at Crouse our deepest thanks!