David & Bridgette Farney

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Parents: David & Bridgette Farney
Hometown: Lowville, NY
I was a 40-year-old preeclampsia patient with gestational diabetes. I had a non-stress test at my regular doctor’s office in Lowville, and she was concerned about my blood pressure. They sent me for observation in the maternity ward at our local hospital.

My blood pressure did not improve. Because of all the complications that can occur with preeclampsia, I was taken by ambulance to Crouse, where the physicians felt it was in my best interest to have the baby by C-section.

My son was born five weeks early, weighing five pounds, 12 ounces.While I was discharged after four days, Dawson stayed for 11 days in the NICU due to his high levels of bilirubin. We called every day from Lowville, more than an hour away from Syracuse, to check on his condition. We were so happy he was in good hands

Everyone was very gracious, taking their time to explain everything. The nursing staff in the NICU did an awesome job. Thank U, Crouse NICU!