Jennifer & Christopher Johnson

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Parents: Jennifer & Christopher Johnson
Hometown: Sauquoit, NYTwenty-two weeks into my pregnancy, I began to have complications. I was admitted to Crouse just before 32 weeks so I could be more closely monitored. Three weeks later, our son Preston was born and taken to the NICU for examination. He appeared to be doing well, but had some difficulty breathing and was treated for jaundice and weight gain concerns.

The most difficult part of our situation was not being with Preston all the time he was in the NICU. It was a long and tiring nine days for us, but we knew Preston was getting the best of care from the nurses and doctors.

We were discharged from the hospital on Valentine’s Day. It was the sweetest gift we could have ever asked for, having our family be reunited, under one roof!

Preston is almost 10 months old and thriving. We are so appreciative of the NICU staff for helping our family get through that difficult time in our life. We are eternally grateful for their dedicated work! ThankU, Crouse NICU!

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