Jennifer & Michael Thayer

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Parents: Jennifer & Michael Thayer
Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Smiles and joy with love all around. We can say that now when we look at our sweet baby girl, but on that night back on March 4, 2015, we’re not sure we could have.

Fear, crying, shaking and just wanting to pick Zoey up and run from what felt like a nightmare is how we felt. But the amazing staff in the NICU, from the neonatologists to the respiratory therapy team, imaging staff for x-rays and ultrasounds and the amazing nurses and speech and occupational therapists, all helped us walk a path we were unsure of.

We spent 66 days in the Crouse NICU with our daughter, who developed NEC and needed emergency surgery at five days old and then struggled with her little kidneys and heart to function properly.

The team was there every step of the way with compassion and understanding while we asked question after question, sometimes more than once. They placed Zoey in our arms when the time was right sent us on our way to Rochester for her heart surgery.

We don’t think thanks will be enough for all those who helped with our little fighter, who has continued to show us her strength and endurance and her little stubborn streak. Thank U, Crouse NICU!