Justin and Annie Bleuer

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Parents: Justin and Annie Bleuer
Hometown: Greene, NYOur little Theodore was born five weeks early on July 10, 2014, in Binghamton, NY. We had just found out through a routine ultrasound that he had some kind of intestinal problem, but he made his arrival before we could get a second opinion or more information. Later that morning he was rushed by ambulance to the Baker Regional NICU at Crouse. When we arrived later that day to see him, we were met by an incredibly kind and capable nursing staff. Even though they had just met our little son, we felt like they loved him already. Theo had surgery at Upstate for Jejunal Atresia the next day, and we started the wait for his intestines to start working again.

We had no idea that it would take more than six weeks before his digestive system would start working correctly. Throughout his stay at Crouse, we experienced a wonderful group of nurses and doctors, who were so kind and patient with us when we were frustrated and tired. When we could not be there to visit Theo, we called several times a day. The nurses consistently answered our questions and gave updates about our little miracle boy.

When Theo finally graduated from the NICU and went home on Aug. 27, we were touched by the number of nurses who were sad to see him go. Theo is happy and content, and he is such a joy to our family. We will be forever grateful to the Crouse NICU and all their staff for the loving and excellent care our son received.

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