Keith and Lori Travis

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Parents: Keith and Lori Travis
Hometown: Binghamton, NYOn Oct. 16, 2006, I was transferred to Crouse from a hospital in Binghamton when I was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. A few days later, I was taken in for an emergency C-section and that’s how our 23-week, micro-preemie began her 141-day Baker NICU journey. Madison weighed 461 grams and was only 11.5 inches. We never thought about the NICU when learning of our pregnancy, but we are very grateful that when the unexpected happened, we were fortunate to be at Crouse. As much as Madison needed the doctors and nurses physically, we needed them so much emotionally. Leaving our little girl with strangers was not easy, but it didn’t take long to realize that the NICU staff had become Madison’s extended family. We are so thankful for all of the doctors and nurses who went above and beyond and made our life, as we know it, possible. The NICU journey is something a child will never remember and a parent will never forget. Thank you so much! Love, The Travis Family.

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