Rachfal Twins

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Rachfal twinsIn 1986, I was working as a nurse in the Crouse Hospital’s Baker Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit when we found out that I was pregnant with twins. That fall, at 22 weeks I had to leave work due to pre-term labor and remained home on bed rest. My daughters Melissa and Kristen were born at 30 weeks weighing, 990 gm and 1150 gm. It was a very stressful time with many ups and downs in their progress during their eight-week hospital stay. I knew my daughters were getting the best care available from workers in the NICU. My babies are now 28-years-old, beautiful and successful, both having earned their master’s degrees. Melissa works as Speech and Language Pathologist and Kristen is a Microbiologist at Upstate.

Thank U, Crouse NICU!
Diana and Stephan Rachfal

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