Rhonda and Eric Payne

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Parents: Rhonda and Eric Payne
Hometown: East Syracuse, NY

Caroline and Catherine were born eight weeks early, and we from the time we found out we were having twins that we’d need the NICU. It was always a part of our plan. Caroline was always about half the size of Catherine, and she suffered from low fluid and poor Dopple flow. Both of them are such little fighters. Today, both girls are so different from one another, and we now know that some of the health and growth issues that Caroline had were because of a mitochondrial disorder. She was diagnosed in 2016 with mitochondrial disease which is causing poor growth, vision problems, many health issues and the need for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and special education. Catherine, on the other hand, shows no signs of any health issues and continues to grow and be a healthy and happy 7 year old. We often show them pictures of their time in the NICU, Catherine’s 15 days and Caroline’s 47 days. We look back on the wonderful care that they received, knowing now that it was much harder to realize that at the time. It’s so hard to leave your kids behind, but you have to know they are in good hands. The staff at the NICU was  kind, caring and patient. THANK U, Crouse NICU!