Tiffany Fields and Jonathan Bishop

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Parents: Tiffany Fields and Jonathan Bishop
Hometown: Rome, NY
On April 6, 2016 I delivered twins, a girl and a boy. Our son Jonathan was rushed to Crouse Hospital to be admitted into the Baker Regional NICU, while our daughter Tapanga stayed with me at our local hospital. The transport team was amazing. They told me what was going to happen and they were going to take great care of my 2 pound, 13 ounces baby boy. I asked if I could hold him before they took him and they took him out of the transport incubator and put him in my arms. I looked at his little body and gave him a kiss and told him I would see him soon. I called them 45 minutes later and was told they had arrived at Crouse and Jonathan was doing great and that I could call anytime day or night to check up on him. The Crouse staff was fantastic with giving me information.

The next day my daughter and I were released and I went right to his bedside at Crouse. Nurses and doctors kept me informed, telling what was wrong and that he was doing great and that he just needed more time to grow and get bigger. Every day I say at his bed side for hours and would talk to him, hold him and tell him that his sister loved him and that mommy and daddy couldn’t wait for him to come home.

As the days and nights continued, I stayed at his bedside holding him, talking to him and just looking out the window amazed at how something so beautiful as a clock tower could be right outside a window where such scary circumstances were going on. After over a month of looking at the clock tower, we were able to take our little man home. That day, I remember looking at the clock tower and saying to his dad, “When he gets older, I want him to see just how beautiful this clock tower is and how many nights we sat here looking at it, hoping and praying that we would go home soon.”

Jonathan and Tapanga are now one and a half years old, and he has seen the clock tower again when we went back to visit. I stood outside looking up at the sky and all my worries came back to the days of not knowing what was going to happen. As he looked up, he hugged me and giggled. I told him, “I know you don’t understand yet but someday you will. It’s not easy seeing all the babies and their families in the NICU.” I was a first time mother of two and not a day goes by that I don’t look at them both and thank not only God, but the doctors and nurses at Crouse for helping my little fighter come home to his family. THANK U, CROUSE NICU!