DAISY Recipient Recognized for Exceptional Care

Kendra Dick, RN, DAISY Award recipient

Kendra Dick, RN, from our 4 North Irving Unit is the latest recipient of the DAISY Award.

Nominated by a patient’s son after his mother’s passing at Crouse, Kendra was recognized for going above and beyond to help the patient and her family during a difficult time.

When the patient arrived at Crouse via the emergency room, it was determined that she would not live very much longer. Her son said, “My mother received exceptional care from the staff in the Crouse ED.”

His mother was transferred to our 4 North Irving Unit where the family ultimately met Kendra.

“Kendra explained that she would be my mother’s nurse. She was like an angel that was sent from heaven just for us,” the patient’s son said.

The patient’s son spent the night and explained how kind Kendra was to him, his family and of course to his mother.

“She would consistently check on my mother, make sure she was comfortable and if we needed anything, Kendra made sure we had it,” the son explained.

The patient passed away at 8:30 the next evening and her son said that Kendra was exceptional and treated his mother with kindness, dignity and respect.

“We live in a world where most people just do what is required and settle for mediocrity,” the son said. “It’s very rare that someone steps up and goes above and beyond what is required. Kendra is a person who takes those extra steps…and does it with a smile and a kind heart.”

Thank you, Kendra, for being a great example of Carepassion at Crouse!

Cardiac Services Administrator Lynne Shopiro, far left, Nurse Manager Diana Dixie and Vice President of Education and Nursing Support Rhonda Reader presented Kendra with her award.

About the DAISY Award
In November 1999, the family of J. Patrick Barnes formed the DAISY Foundation as a way to express their profound gratitude to nurses for the work they do for patients and their families every day. DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System. Pat died at age 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), a little known but not uncommon auto-immune disease. In 2015, Crouse became a DAISY-affiliated hospital, and presents an award to a deserving nurse, selected by a committee, regularly throughout the year. The DAISY Award program at Crouse has been made possible through a donation from the Crouse Hospital Medical Staff.